Review: Harvest’s Strain of the Week-Cindy 99

This cindy-99 looks and smells very similar to some Durban Poison I purchased at Good Chemisty in Denver this summer.

Running low on THC dominant flower I checked my dispensary email notifications and call around to the few dispensaries that don’t send me their specials. On one such call to Harvest of Rockville I was pleasantly surprised that they have re-established their “Strain of the Week” special that offers a particular strain at a reduced cost of $25 1/8, $48 1/4-$180 for an ounce. This week’s strain was one I haven’t sampled in over a year: Cindy 99.

Cracking open the bag I was exposed to an odor-profile and appearance reminiscent of some Durban Poison I purchased from Good Chemistry in Denver, Colorado over the summer. Citrus with a touch of skunk. Lightish green buds with copious red hairs and sticky trichomes.

Deserved or not, Harvest has been criticized in the past for the quality of their trim and cure. I have been annoyed at times by a trim that leaves browning sugar leaf stumps along the seems and margins of their buds. This brown material doesn’t seem to affect the taste or effects of vaporized flower but when combusted it lends a harshness reminiscent to the taste of thick rolling paper, and for me, a mild headache.

All of the buds in my 8th were flawlessly trimmed, not a brown speck in sight. The cure, which I think comes through in the picture, is top class. Sticky with glistening resin glands, the dynamic scent-profile is on full display. Overall, trim, cure and moisture content are above the standard I have come to expect in Maryland Cannabis and on par with what can be found in other states.


Not in a position to take the full force of this 25% THC flower “to the face” I mixed a small bowl with 50/50 mix of Industrial Hemp Farm’s Sour D and the Cindy 99 before my evening dog walk. The Sour D is an uplifting, focus-inducing strain when consumed alone and has a mild if not slightly “diesel” terpine profile. In combination, Cindy-99’s citrusy funk predominated. The combined effect was “inspired” as I took my walk a little wider than originally planned. With perhaps a skip in my step, I reflected on my day and thought through various “next steps” as I whistled and hummed an improvised tune.

Back at home, mind still wandering a bit, dinner perhaps took me a tad bit longer than it should have. A new rice-cooker involved some extra trial and error and I got sidetracked more than once. Despite these fumbles and my grumpy under-the weather wife-daughter duo, I was all positive vibes throughout. I did not get the munchies and so was satisfied by just one serving of what turned out to be a pretty good meal of rice, tomatoes and fried-chicken (please don’t judge).

After dinner we watched a show and the persistent positive energy that had dominated the previous 2 hours transitioned to relaxation and sleepiness. By 10 we were in bed, not long after, fast asleep.

Would I recommend?

Yes! At just over 25% thc and sativa leaning in pedigree moderation is key for anyone who needs to keep a clear mind or has concerns about induced anxiety. Adding a cbd dominant strain as I did can also help to round off any potential edges At $25 per 1/8th this is the best deal I am aware of at present for small quantity flower in Montgomery County,

Help Legalize Maryland Home-Cultivation

If you haven’t already please sign and share this petition urging lawmakers and our Governor to permit home cultivation to Maryland patients.

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A cannabis consumer since coming of age in 1990’s Kingston Jamaica. Committed to influencing cannabis legislation and regulation to promote patient-consumer interests in product-quality, affordability and safe access. I believe the best way to achieve these goals is through legalized patient home-grow and a vibrant market where businesses large and small are allowed to compete for patient preferences.

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