Flower Review: Strane’s Snow Monster

This strain has been a difficult one to get to writing about.

Last week I was due a $1-8th, with Liberty Rockville’s 3 visit e-punch-card and snow was in the forecast. I am generally a good sleeper, but when snow season comes and I am obliged to work over night, I lose the ability to relax, turn off my brain and sleep. It was with this in mind that I asked the associate for his top choice in the deep purple spectrum of Liberty’s color-coded display. He called out Snow Monster as a “personal favorite for sleep”.

Due to the nugget’s seeming weightlessness I initially assumed that the flower would be dry. It was certainly low in water-weight, but when breaking down the buds, they proved remarkably sticky, not something that would grind down to a powder.*

That night I mixed a bowl with equal parts Industrial Hemp Farm’s “Special Sauce” and snow monster. The odor-profiles of these two batches match very closely. A slight version of the berry taste and smell that I have come to expect in Liberty’s purple strains with a smooth subtle funk.

Despite a small bowl-pack, moderated with the CBD flower I felt an almost immediate smack to the face. Relaxed and stimulated at the same time I sat down to watch the new Aaron Hernandez documentary series on Netflix. The show is well executed; as engaging, as it is disturbing. Despite the nature of this programming I was out cold, blissfully sleeping 40 minutes later when my wife woke and shuffled me off to bed.

The next evening I decided to add a bit more CBD flower to hopefully soften the snow monster’s night-ending effects. I was hoping that this strategy might allow me to make some progress on this review. Initially it seemed to do the trick. I was immediately inspired to take some pictures. Pulling the top flower out I was disturbed to notice what I perceived to be a hair.

A sticky strand of resin, stuck to the inside of the canister.

On closer inspection I was looking at a strand of sticky molasses-like resin that, having oozed from the bud, had adhered to the inside of the container. I took more pictures, trying to catch the flower in close-focus. Now, fully under the influence and living in the moment I had an original thought. “This flower looks like its covered with ice and snow!”

The soft light of the room does not give this bud’s snowy appearance justice

After picture-time, and a half dozen attempts at starting this post, all interest writing was quickly replaced by a profound urge to sleep.

Then came Friday evening with its preparations for icy weather. The storm had been downgraded but I still had two crews go out to spread salt on a list of properties. I stayed up until midnight, snacking on dark chocolate covered coffee beans. Shortly before 12:00 I checked in on both groups to make sure everything was A-OK. Then I packed a bowl with the same mix of Special Sauce/Snow Monster I had prepared the night before.

Despite the coffee-bean snacking I was fast asleep when a 1:30am client-call startled me to a groggy attention. He had another property in need of salt and wanted to know if I had someone available to do it. As I struggled to leave the room so as not to awake my S/O I was struck by a full body relaxation and sleepiness that I would normally only associate with an edible such as RSO. Gathering my bearings I made a few phone calls and sent a few texts. Once all was in order I went back to bed, quickly falling into a deep, sound sleep.


This batch of snow monster is an extremely resinous, slow burning and potent flower with strong narcotic effects. If it promotes hunger I was never able to stay awake long enough to experience it. I usually cannot fall asleep if I have had caffeine and usually have trouble falling back asleep when woken. Under the influence of this batch of flower seemingly nothing can interfere with a restful slumber.

* Though sticky and resinous on day one, without the benefit of a boveda pack to boost moisture the flower was much more crumbly in just a couple of days sitting in the closed canister at room temperature in my house. .

Published by mdcannaconsumer

A cannabis consumer since coming of age in 1990’s Kingston Jamaica. Committed to influencing cannabis legislation and regulation to promote patient-consumer interests in product-quality, affordability and safe access. I believe the best way to achieve these goals is through legalized patient home-grow and a vibrant market where businesses large and small are allowed to compete for patient preferences.

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