Want a Job in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Industry? Get in Line!

It was standing room only as the low January mid-day sun streamed across an anxious class-room in Kent Island. A slow motion game of musical chairs was playing out as applicants periodically shuffled from chair-to-chair on their way to one of 3 interviewing agents. What had filled this semi-rural library’s parking lot to capacity? AContinue reading “Want a Job in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Industry? Get in Line!”

Was Strand’s Move Legal?

“Basically, you can’t work on something for another party and be compensated if you were working on it as a state entity,” Michael Lord of the Maryland Ethics Commision quoted by Ethan McLeod of the Baltimore Business Journal Ethan McLeod in an excellent January 2 Baltimore Business Journal piece “Ex-medical cannabis czar joins Frederick growerContinue reading “Was Strand’s Move Legal?”

Access and Diversity Problem? Former MMCC Commissioners Say No

In a new twist of drama, 3 former MMCC comisioners with vital roles in the creation of the current Maryland medical cannabis market-place wrote a testy rebuke to current head of that agency stating that they “were indeed committed to ensuring racial diversity” when weighting scores for candidates for MMCC business licenses. They go throughContinue reading “Access and Diversity Problem? Former MMCC Commissioners Say No”

Hemp Flower Review: Industrial Hemp Farms Indoor Grand Daddy Purple

When I first cracked open the gift of samples sent to me from Industrial Hemp Farms, it was late in the day and I was looking to get sleepy. Following my personal rule of thumb that purple flower brings rest, relaxation and sleep I cracked open the Grand Daddy Purple, glanced at juicy purple flowersContinue reading “Hemp Flower Review: Industrial Hemp Farms Indoor Grand Daddy Purple”

The Potency Myth

As patients demand high THC products a one-of-a-kind blind cannabis competition tests assumptions and bares surprising results. Until 2017 most consumers of cannabis in Maryland were mostly captive to whatever single strain of flower their “person” had on offer. Flower would come in a baggy and was judged based on smell, appearance and effects. ItContinue reading “The Potency Myth”

CBD Flower: Birthday Cake Reviewed

Late in 2018 while in the thralls of the honeymoon phase of my relationship with Maryland Cannabis, I purchased a $35 8th of Sunmed’s AC/DC. The flower had tested below 1% THC and close to 20% CBD. I had read good things about CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and understood it to not only be non-psychoactive butContinue reading “CBD Flower: Birthday Cake Reviewed”

Joy Strand Lands on Her Feet

The Baltimore Sun’s Pamela Wood reports that Green Leaf Medical, aka gleaf, has announced today that it hired the longtime executive director of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission a month ago. Strand, who resigned her post with the commission for “personal reasons” just 60 days before her hire claims that the opportunity to join gLeafContinue reading “Joy Strand Lands on Her Feet”

Proposal: All Maryland Residents Should Have a Stake in Legalization

With gross sales already in the hundreds of millions how do you include marginalized communities, historically (and currently) disproportionately effected by the “War on Drugs” and marijuana prohibition? This is a question has seemingly been on everyone’s lips and has led to legal problems and and legislative logjams all over the east coast. I thinkContinue reading “Proposal: All Maryland Residents Should Have a Stake in Legalization”

Whats Wrong With Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is a smaller conservative state and has been working on Medical cannabis for a total of 18 months. Without the legal drama, and apparent corruption plaguing Maryland’s now 6 year old project, Oklahoma has created a market that appears to outperform Maryland’s on accessibility, diversity of stakeholders and tax revenue all while allowing patientsContinue reading “Whats Wrong With Oklahoma?”

Homegrow in 2020?

BEGINNING JUNE 1, 2016, THE COMMISSION MAY ISSUE THE NUMBER OF LICENSES NECESSARY TO MEET THE DEMAND FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA BY QUALIFYING PATIENTS — HB881. With 8th prices for flower appearing to bottom out at $35 but more often in the $45-$65 and flower shortages reported state wide the current oligopoly of 14 producers appear unableContinue reading “Homegrow in 2020?”