Flower Review: Strane’s Snow Monster

Last week I was due a $1-8th, with Liberty Rockville’s 3 visit e-punch-card and snow was in the forecast. I am generally a good sleeper, but when snow season comes and I am obliged to work over night, I lose the ability to relax, turn off my brain and sleep. It was with this inContinue reading “Flower Review: Strane’s Snow Monster”

Review: Harvest’s Strain of the Week-Cindy 99

Running low on THC dominant flower I checked my dispensary email notifications and call around to the few dispensaries that don’t send me their specials. On one such call to Harvest of Rockville I was pleasantly surprised that they have re-established their “Strain of the Week” special that offers a particular strain at a reducedContinue reading “Review: Harvest’s Strain of the Week-Cindy 99”