The Story of Cheryl Glenn

Instrumental in the creation of a medical cannabis program, her downfall points to its structural failings. I’ve stopped spending time with people if they’re not, um, donating… Cheryl Glenn as quoted in Wednesday’s plea agreement Former Del. Glenn pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a number of interests including at least one as yet oneContinue reading “The Story of Cheryl Glenn”

David Moon to Home Grow Advocates”We need folks to weigh in!”

I have been reaching out to local politicians to see who is and is not commited to permitting patients to grow their own without turning into felons. One of the first to respond was David Moon. He is clearly an ally and has some useful advise for those of us who want change. With hisContinue reading “David Moon to Home Grow Advocates”We need folks to weigh in!””

Was Strand’s Move Legal?

“Basically, you can’t work on something for another party and be compensated if you were working on it as a state entity,” Michael Lord of the Maryland Ethics Commision quoted by Ethan McLeod of the Baltimore Business Journal Ethan McLeod in an excellent January 2 Baltimore Business Journal piece “Ex-medical cannabis czar joins Frederick growerContinue reading “Was Strand’s Move Legal?”