The Story of Cheryl Glenn

Instrumental in the creation of a medical cannabis program, her downfall points to its structural failings. I’ve stopped spending time with people if they’re not, um, donating… Cheryl Glenn as quoted in Wednesday’s plea agreement Former Del. Glenn pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a number of interests including at least one as yet oneContinue reading “The Story of Cheryl Glenn”

NORML Policy Conference and Lobby Day Signups

February 3-Policy Conference Signup NORML is holding this policy conference featuring a who’s who of local cannabis advocates on the day before its annual lobby day event. There is an associated cost that is going up as we get closer to the event but they do promise to cut people a break who cannot afford.Continue reading “NORML Policy Conference and Lobby Day Signups”

Campaign for #mdhomegrow2020 Dialogue with a Delegate

I recently attended a community event for my district’s state legislators to explain their priorities for this legislative session. Following these presentations there was a scheduled Q&A and I was eager to ask how these officials felt about the disparities between Oklahoma and Maryland in terms of access, cost and, most importantly for 2020, home-grow.Continue reading “Campaign for #mdhomegrow2020 Dialogue with a Delegate”

Key to Legal Homegrow? Contacting These Delegates!

In his supportive email, District 20 Del David Moon suggested that those who wish to see immediate action on home-cultivation should be contacting delegates on the Health and Government Affairs Committee. For reader’s convenience I have created a list of members with contact info bellow. We need to inform these elected officials as to whyContinue reading “Key to Legal Homegrow? Contacting These Delegates!”

David Moon to Home Grow Advocates”We need folks to weigh in!”

I have been reaching out to local politicians to see who is and is not commited to permitting patients to grow their own without turning into felons. One of the first to respond was David Moon. He is clearly an ally and has some useful advise for those of us who want change. With hisContinue reading “David Moon to Home Grow Advocates”We need folks to weigh in!””

Petition: Grant Home Grow Rights to Maryland Patients

Maryland’s 90,0000~ registered medical cannabis paid more than $250 million dollars into a cannabis market, that breaks down to an average of more than $50 spent by each patient, each week. Most Marylanders can not afford these high prices.  The market is currently being supplied by just 15 growers, most of whom are multi-state conglomeratesContinue reading “Petition: Grant Home Grow Rights to Maryland Patients”

Want a Job in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Industry? Get in Line!

It was standing room only as the low January mid-day sun streamed across an anxious class-room in Kent Island. A slow motion game of musical chairs was playing out as applicants periodically shuffled from chair-to-chair on their way to one of 3 interviewing agents. What had filled this semi-rural library’s parking lot to capacity? AContinue reading “Want a Job in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Industry? Get in Line!”

Access and Diversity Problem? Former MMCC Commissioners Say No

In a new twist of drama, 3 former MMCC comisioners with vital roles in the creation of the current Maryland medical cannabis market-place wrote a testy rebuke to current head of that agency stating that they “were indeed committed to ensuring racial diversity” when weighting scores for candidates for MMCC business licenses. They go throughContinue reading “Access and Diversity Problem? Former MMCC Commissioners Say No”