Petition: Legalize Patient Home-Grow In 2020

Maryland’s 90,0000~ registered medical cannabis paid more than $250 million dollars into a cannabis market, that breaks down to an average of more than $50 spent by each patient, each week. Most Marylanders can not afford these high prices.  The market is currently being supplied by just 15 growers, most of whom are multi-state conglomerates based outside of Maryland. 

The process to increase the market to include some minority ownership to just 20 more businesses is now mired in the courts with no clear end in sight. A “compassionate care” program that was supposed to provide low cost products to veterans and low income residents has failed to materialize in the year since its conception.  Even if such a program does someday exist we it will still do no good for the vast majority of MMCC registered patients.

We request that all registered MMCC patients be allowed to grow up to 12 plants either at home or as part of a co-operative garden.  Not all patients have the space, means, or know how to get a home garden established.  Patients should be permitted to apportion their plants to the co-op or co-ops of their choosing.

Marylanders deserve the same rights that patients have in states such as Oklahoma, Michigan and Maine to grow their own medicine.

Our politicians need to know that this is something that needs to change now. Please lend your voice and sign and share this petition to legalize home and co-operative cultivation for MMCC registered patients!

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